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Proudly servicing Texas homes and businesses in Bell, Bosque, Hill, and McLennan counties.

Keeping Pests and Rodents away in Central Texas

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Waco, Tx

Waco, TX, is a city that’s growing by the minute. The opportunities for business, education, and pleasure are endless, from Baylor University to our large Amazon distribution warehouse. This growth is excellent for Roz-Tech Pest Management because it allows us to do what we do best.
Remove pests and rodents from your home or office
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China Spring, Tx

China Spring, TX, is a small town outside Waco, TX. It is merely 12 miles Northwest of Waco, and much like Waco, it is growing rapidly. In the rural atmosphere, pests are inevitable.
Contact us today if you need help with pests in your home or business in China Spring.
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Robinson, Tx

Much like China Spring, Robinson, TX, is a small town outside Waco, TX. Robinson is located nearby Waco in McLennan county. Like other cities in the area, the rural town feeling will be a hot spot for bugs. For all your Robinson pest control needs- contact Roz-Tech Pest Management today.
Remove pests and rodents from your home or office
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Woodway, Tx

Don’t think we forgot about the cities that border Waco- if you are in Woodway, TX, we are devoted to ensuring all your pest control needs are met!
If your home or business is located in Woodway- we can ensure you are pest free.
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Temple, Tx

Outside of the Waco area, we also service homes and businesses in Temple, TX. We are your reliable and trustworthy company to get rid of pests.
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West, Tx

West, TX is a city we service located right off 1-35 between Hillsboro and Waco. If your rural home or business is invaded by pests in West, TX, let us be your first call!
Contact us to work with a trustworthy exterminator that has over 30 years of experience!
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Grandview, Tx

When you need a reliable exterminator that will ensure your pest problem is eliminated in Grandview, TX, Roz-Tech Pest Management has you covered.
To set up a service for your home or business in Grandview, contact us today.
Experience counts in pest control
Over the past 30 years, we’ve proudly served homeowners and business owners in the Waco, TX area. With our client’s unique needs at the forefront, we’ll do everything possible to ensure creepy crawlers or pesky rodents don’t get in the way of your business or your peace of mind.

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